5 ways to boost self-confidence as an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur’s job is very difficult as it requires him to believe in himself during drab days when nothing seems right. With low confidence, pitching to VCs and leading a team might seem impossible. Hence, confidence is an essential tool for every entrepreneur who wants to succeed as one.

“To be a great champion, always believe you are the best. Even if you’re not, pretend you are.”
-Muhammad Ali

It is very difficult to try and portray confidence when you have none. If you don’t believe in yourself and your decisions, no one else will.

Here are 5 hacks which will help you become more confident about yourself:

1. Practice the part to perfection

If you want to appear to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to feel like one. Observe your idols and closely watch the way they walk, stand, use gestures and talk. Try emulating the positive portions of their personality.

Since, practice makes a man perfect, it’ll take you sometime to feel like the person you aspire to portray.

Once you feel like a true entrepreneur, your confident body language will display it through minor actions like a firm handshake and everyone else will perceive you as one too.

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2. Always dress the part

If you want to create an impression of a successful entrepreneur and are dressed in shabby clothes, you can’t expect people to take you seriously. Your clothes form a big part of making an impression and wearing proper formals will help you feel more confident and accomplished. Other people will also believe you’re efficient when you’re dressed in crisp and immaculate clothes.

Some start-ups believe in a casual and chilled out approach in terms of dressing but make sure, you don’t confuse comfort with shabbiness.

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3. Learn to visualise things

As a multitasking entrepreneur, you need to visualise and perfect the role you want to portray to gain confidence while actually doing it. For instance, if you want to appear as a successful marketer in front of a VC, you need to dress and talk like one. Research all facts and visualise the situation in your head numerous time. Also, create a list of potential questions and answers.

This will help you greatly when you’re in a real meeting as you will find a sense of similarity which will impart more and more confidence and power to you while presenting or answering questions.

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4. Find a loyal set of people

No matter how ambitious a person might seem, failures do affect every person. During such setbacks, an entrepreneur definitely needs a set of reliable and loyal people who will try and boost his spirits and inspire him to do better the next time. If you have no one to cheer you up, you might tend to slip into depression. Once, you see that other people believe in you, you will be motivated to do better the next time.

Your set of loyal people can be anyone- colleagues, family, friends, spouse or a mentor.

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5. Don’t fall into the negativity trap

Your competitor might be doing better than you for now; that doesn’t mean you’re any less. It simply means you need to buck up and employ more creative and innovative ideas. If you start comparing yourself with everyone around, you will become dejected in no time.

Motivational hack: Write down all your positives, talents and accomplishments in a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. On days when you feel very demotivated, take it out and read it. It will give a great boost to your dampened confidence and help you focus on doing better.

Hope this article will help you with confidence issues!

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