5 ways in which physical exercise and entrepreneurship is similar

Fitness and entrepreneurship are two fields which require passion, hard work, determination and resistance to failure. However, because they are fields in which the person in concern put his heart and soul into, they’re pretty similar.

Here are 5 ways in which the fields are similar:

1. The importance of a well-charted plan

In both fields, fitness and entrepreneurship, it is crucial to have a well-charted out plan which defines what one wants to achieve in the future. Without a concrete plan, if one moves forward, one is most likely to face chaos and no proper tabulation of what’s actually happening. This can lead to mismanagement of work and disruption of goals.

Hence, just like one needs a business plan which defines goals, one also needs to have a fitness plan.

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2. Practice makes a man perfect

On the first day; you might not be able to run 3km at a stretch just like you cannot ace a meeting in front of the potential VCs in one shot. However, similar to both cases, it is practice which sharpens and enhances your skills and makes you capable of achieving a lot more. Slowly, with time and practice your expertise becomes better and you become more likely to achieve more than what you were earlier.

3. Motivation is a necessity

Because both the fields aren’t easy and very prone to fatigue, one constantly requires motivation. An entrepreneur might experience a loss which might be a huge setback for him where as a regular fitness-freak might think doing 100 push-ups is impossible. However, because of motivation from coaches, employees and loved ones, they push themselves harder to do better and achieve their goals.

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4. Set realistic goals

If you’re expecting your company to be the top company in a quarter or hoping to get six-pack abs in a week, you are expecting way too much. Instead, you should be setting goals which are attainable in a span of time with hard work and dedication and once you achieve those, you can move forward to setting bigger ones. If you set goals which are unattainable initially, you are bound to be disheartened when they aren’t fulfilled.

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5. Success cannot be achieved overnight

Neither can a profit of a million rupees be made in a day nor can a person expect to see results after going to the gym for a day. Both these tasks require immense effort, dedication and most importantly, patience. You need to keep doing what is necessary and at the end of it, you are bound to see results and achieve goals. But, if you expect to achieve everything in a short span of time, you might be in for a huge disappointment.

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