5 email tactics to follow in order to excel in the medium of communication

Most of the communication in today’s day takes place via emails. However, most people do not adhere to e-mail etiquette which can result in loss of credibility from the client’s side.

Here are a few e-mail tactics you could follow to impress your clients:

i. Respond to the emails right away

There’s no point in storing e-mails in your inbox and not replying to them. As you as you see a new e-mail, make sure to send a prompt reply. This will define responsiveness and adhering to responsibility on your part and impress your clients more.

ii. Keep it short

Just because you are writing a reply to an e-mail, you don’t have to draft an essay. A reply via e-mail should be short, crisp and to the point. However, it should include all the points you want to talk about clearly. These kinds of e-mails which are crisp but complete win brownie points with the reader.

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iii. Format your mails

It is almost a crime to not format your mails as they look haphazard to the reader and s/he might trash them right away. Never forget to add a salutation in the starting of the mail or thank the person in the end. This adds more credibility to your e-mail.

iv. Highlight the important parts

A person gets a hundred mails a day so it makes complete sense to highlight the important parts in the e-mail for the benefit of the reader. S/he will then know the most important parts which need to be read and focus on them more than the rest of the body. This way you’ll help in saving their time.

v. Respect the client’s privacy

If you breach privacy, you will lose trust and credibility completely. You need to make sure that you don’t forward the client’s private attachments or files to anyone outside the circle. This is a basic internet norm which needs to be followed at all times.

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