4 unconventional must-haves for every entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is definitely hard and one is bound to face setbacks in his entrepreneurial journey. But these shouldn’t be the reason for him to leave the journey to achieving his dream mid-way. An entrepreneur always needs to push forward and aspire for the best.

Here is a list of 4 things which are unusual but beneficial to every entrepreneur:

1. A guide

A guide can be anyone who is more experienced than you. S/he will guide you through your professional life by teaching you how to make and implement decisions in the dynamic markets today.

They are unbiased and will tell you what you need to hear at that point of time. You need a mentor because your employees might be scared to own up certain things in front of you but the mentor won’t be untruthful to you.

You can have more than one mentor- a parent for guidance in your personal life, a spiritual leader to keep your peace intact and a successful entrepreneur who you talk to online can become great guides. But you need to make sure they don’t boss over you. Their job is to guide you and the final decision should be yours.

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2. Non-work related hobby

It is crucial for an entrepreneur to have a non-work related hobby which s/he can pursue in their free time. Having a hobby helps you taking your mind off professional stress and energise while doing something you really love.

You could pursue your hobby for half an hour each day and it is bound to make a stark difference.

If you don’t have a hobby yet, explore. Try reading, listening to music, learning to dance, playing an instrument or a sport etc and find something you really enjoy.

3. A goal that keeps you going

You should have an end goal and no matter how stupid it may be, you should stick to it at all times. This is the end-motive of everything you are doing and the goal is bound to fill you up with passion and the determination to do better. Your goal should burn your insides with the energy to do better.

If you don’t have a goal in life, everything will seem chaotic and you won’t value your achievements or realise how much more hard work needs to be put in. That will lead to all your strategies and plans reflecting confusion.

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4. A Journal or an online diary

Have a journal or an online diary where you can jot down your thoughts, dreams and desires. This should be personal to you and not revealed to anyone so you’re free to fill up pages with your darkest inhabitations and deepest desires. When you feel discouraged or angry, writing will help you vent it out in a more decent way as compared to going and yelling at people.

Maintaining a journal will also bring you more in contact with your true self as you will start accepting your fears and working on your shortcomings which makes it a must-have for all entrepreneurs.

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