4 travel hacks which will make your business trips more efficient

An entrepreneur might need to fly frequently to attend meetings in a different city or country. Airline travel coupled with accommodation can be expensive which is why you need to avail these hacks for a more efficient trip.

I. Pay extra for direct flights

Connecting flights might be cheaper than direct flights but when you take into consideration the time wasted, connecting flights are a bad option. Because you have to travel by two or more flights, there is a greater chance of delay in each leg added to the amount of time you waste by waiting in an airport. Hence, it is better to book a direct flight by paying a little extra premium because “time is money”.

II. Avail Airbnb’s services

If you are a start-up owner with limited funds, every rupee you spend counts. Instead of staying in a posh hotel with 4-star facilities, you should be ready to compromise. Airbnb provides habitable places with proper beds which let you crash at night which is all you should be aiming for when you’re growing. Airbnb also provides comfortable and cheap shared hostel rooms which you could avail if you’re very low on cash.

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III. Elite status

Try to avail the same airline each time when you travel because after a certain number of times, you can become a loyal member and are upgraded to the elite status. This helps you get discounts as well as bum the standby list when you need to book an emergency flight for the same night.

IV. Pack black

Instead of spending time on packing the night before, all you can do is to pack everything black. Most entrepreneurs swear by this hack as they believe all they need to survive through a short business trip is two pairs of trousers, three shirts and a set of night clothes. Packing black shoes and socks will help you get through every situation during your travel.

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