4 reasons why one should have a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for professionals and is slowly catching up to become one of the most popular employee hunting grounds for almost all big companies and MNCs. With the growing popularity of social media, it is only important that everyone should join LinkedIn for a broader network and the benefits they offer:

1. A lot of users

With a huge population of professionals of over 350 million people, LinkedIn is the biggest social networking. LinkedIn has a very active crowd which is the reason for its popularity. Having a LinkedIn profile shows that you are career oriented and people are researching you. Recruiters are often looking for a pool of talented professionals.

2. Building connections and relationships

Because the user base of LinkedIn is so huge, it helps in establishing networks and connections with professionals all over the world. It helps you grow and connects with people from your profession and other professionals as well. Entrepreneurs can also look to meet venture capitalists and build relationship via this diverse social media platform.

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3. Well connected to Google

LinkedIn and Google are almost best friends because the first thing that shows up while googling a person is their LinkedIn profile. Because Google is considered so reliable, people often check out your LinkedIn profile before any other social media profiles. Google adds immense credibility to your LinkedIn account and helps professionals from diverse fields find you.

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4. Promote yourself via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform if one can use it well to promote themselves in the best possible way. If you’re good at spotting recruiters via social media, you can always connect to them via LinkedIn which will show them your work experience and achievements in the best possible way. Build connections with the necessary people but at the same time, try and remain credible and reliable. This eventually leads to personal branding.

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