4 reasons Indian entrepreneurs should consider rural markets

Rural marketing is a vertical which is extensively being explored by big agencies like O&M and Madison. 72% of India’s population actually resides in the rural areas which are why exploring this market is a wonderful idea.

Here are 4 reasons why every entrepreneur should consider the rural market:

I. The huge population

As discussed before, the rural market is huge and certain areas are yet to be tapped. This gives the entrepreneur a great opportunity to actually tap these markets and sell their products. When you move your products to these areas, you will gain a first mover advantage which is necessary as the rural folks are very brand loyal.

Because the urban market is exhausted, marketers are shifting focus to rural markets from where the real numbers are coming.

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II. Changing demand patterns

The rural areas are slowly but steadily developing with the availability of electricity and rising education evils. They are aspiring to become more like the urban people they watch on television which is why their demand patterns are also constantly changing. The entrepreneur could use this to his/her strength and introduce products which will help them achieve their aspirations.

Lately, rural folks are buying laptops, microwaves and all sorts of technology to make life easier.

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III. Standard of living and digitalisation

The standard of living in rural areas is slowly increasing as rural people have a habit of saving money. They are using this money to buy more and more stuff to achieve their inspirational goals. Also, rising digitalisation because of availability of electricity and internet is helping the markets become aware about new things.

ITC e-Choupal is brilliant initiative to make internet available to the rural markets.

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IV. Marketing opportunities

The opportunities for marketers in the rural areas are unlimited and effective as the people there actually respond to the common techniques used. A marketer could do something as simple as billboard advertising or a nukkad natak or choose to organise an event or use methods like word of mouth to reach those more people.

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