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The journey of Pitti Brothers from being into travel business to Bollywood

EaseMyTrip was founded 9 years back by two young brothers Nishant Pitti and Rikant Pitti.

How to never give up on becoming an entrepreneur

Here is why – your worst days come right before success.

Business 101: How to go from Amateur to Professional

The first step in how to become a legit business is filing for a business Tax ID.

Why online businesses are getting more and more popular

Seriously, if you’re not operating in the online economy, you’ve got to ask yourself why not!

5 Signs you picked the wrong partner for your startup

65 percent of high-potential startups fail as a result of conflict among co-founders.

4 Practical ways in which entrepreneurs can avoid procrastination

Procrastination can be a major roadblock which affects the job of an entrepreneur.

Why CRM is not an option but mandatory for start-ups?

Customer Relationship Management is not something start-ups should even dare to cut back on.

Five things every investor looks for in a startup

Here are a few things investors seek in start-ups while taking the decision of investing.

One skill is all you need to become a better professional and friend

One can master this skill, s/he can hope to improve every relation in the personal and professional sphere.

5 simple ways in which entrepreneurs can increase their influence

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you definitely need to increase your influence over you team.