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Importance of setting deadlines for entrepreneurs and sticking to it

One of the biggest professional flaws an entrepreneur has is not being able to stick to the deadline s/he sets for themselves because of procrastination or lack of time-management.

Tips to create the perfect logo for your startup

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind to get the perfect logo for your brand.

6 free online tools every entrepreneur needs to know about

By using a plethora of free, online tools available, entrepreneur can make the best use of the limited finances and manage to make your business a raging success.

90% of new internet users in India are non-English speaking; English user growth has...

There is a secret reason why Google is rigorously pushing for Non-English apps, tools and features on their platform – both search and Android.

Inspiration from success story of Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s inspiring story is a great example of persistence and dedication that finally results in unimaginable success.

9 ways to validate your startup ideas

Check out the infographic below for some other tips in validating startup ideas that you could also use.

Four hurdles which can obstruct your start-up’s success

Once you have conquered these, you double the chances of succeeding.