2 major reasons why small businesses fail

Nobody wants to consider a possibility of a business failure, but sadly, it is a reality. However, due to certain reasons, many small businesses end up making some grave mistakes which could ultimately lead to the downfall of their business.

Small businesses usually shut down within five years because they are unable to break even. After many studies, it was discovered that small businesses failed due to two major reasons.

i. Lack of planning is the first and most serious mistake

This is the most common mistake that most businesses makes which leads to their downfall. When you start a business with a long term goal, it is essential to have a concrete plan in place which will ultimately lead you to that goal. To get the planning process started, a company should have a business plan which lists out important milestones and a detailed explanation of finances of the company.

By not planning things out meticulously, small businesses do not have any properly defined path to follow which can be a cause of no record of milestones and everything will become chaotic, which will, in the long run, lead to the company’s demise.

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ii. Not hiring the correct staff

Many a times, to save some money, small businesses tend to understaff or hire the wrong kind of staff. Due to low budgets, it might be difficult to hire a HR manager who is the best judge of a candidate. It is necessary to invest in good employees who will help your company excel. Hiring the right kind of marketing and sales team is something every entrepreneur should pay close attention to.

Due to the wrong kind of employees, businesses often suffer as the money put in isn’t able to deliver the expected results. Thus, it is advisable to invest in a freelance HR to hire your staff.

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