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9 ways to validate your startup ideas

Check out the infographic below for some other tips in validating startup ideas that you could also use.

Four hurdles which can obstruct your start-up’s success

Once you have conquered these, you double the chances of succeeding.

Some super-successful ideas which were deemed to be stupid at first

Not every revolutionary idea always meets with all praises; some have to face the wrath and be persistent in order to succeed.

How Deep Kalra Started – Founder of

The pioneer of online travels in India; Deep Kalra is the proud founder of Gurgaon based –

How V. G. Siddhartha Started – Founder and Owner of Cafe Coffee Day

V. G. Siddhartha – a man less famous by his name but whose work screams volumes, is the proud Founder & Owner of Cafe Coffee Day.

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4 venture capitalist trends in 2017 you need to know about

With the growing number of start-ups across the country, it is only fitting that the trends in the Venture Capitalist departments also change in accordance.

How To Get Finance Easily For Your Startup

How to raise your fund for your start-up is a million dollars question.

Internal and external funding for your business

Internal and external funding schemes can help your idea prosper. Here are a few ways to get funding.

Failing early on the journey can be a great teacher for entrepreneurs

Failure is the stepping stone to success which is why all entrepreneurs need to fail at least once to learn the crucial aspects of the business.

How to network when you are an introvert entrepreneur?

You don’t need to worry too much about being an introvert entrepreneur as some very successful people in this field like Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page were introverts too.

Using emotional connect to reach out to more customers

It is believed that the emotions evoked in the customers by looking at your ad (or any marketing strategy you use) persuades them to purchase a product more.

How to start a business: 7 Steps to get started today

Follow this formula for launching and starting to grow your new business.

10 Reasons why it’s never too late to start a start-up

There are many successful entrepreneurs, with ages ranging from 30s to 60s, shows that the success of a business is not directly related to the age of its founder.

Three legal aspects to consider before setting your own start-up

Legal considerations are important for every start-up as if they are not taken seriously, you company could soon be in the clutches of legal battles.

How women didn’t let start-ups become the monopoly of men

The way women have carved a niche for themselves is exemplary as well as worth praising.

Kapila Gupta: Redefining luxury in the Indian space with

She came up with the brilliant idea of, a wholesome website which would offer high end luxury brands which were popular but unavailable in India.

5 Things men entrepreneurs can learn from women entrepreneurs

I come across a lot of women entrepreneurs and noticed a few things about women that give them the edge over men entrepreneurs.