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6 Recruitment tips for efficient hiring in startups

As a start-up, it is more critical that you hire the right people.

Must have skills for budding entrepreneurs and start-up founders

With start-up culture growing so fast it’s mandatory to know about some points and tactics about the same.

Tier III and IV cities in India: Brimming with start-up culture

Slowly, entrepreneurs are retracing their roots to build their companies in smaller cities.

Top 10 best online business ideas with low start-up cost

When looking for online business ideas, you have to make sure that the ideas you choose fit your allocated budget.

5 deadly marketing sins your startup / small business might be committing

If you’re wondering what these are, make sure you read on.

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Oppo makes first India investment with funding for digital firm POPxo

Digital media startup POPxo has raised Rs 37 crore.

Oyo gets a USD 250 mn infusion from Softbank to fight MakeMyTrip, others

This is Softbank Vision Fund’s second big investment in India after a massive USD 2.5 billion round in Flipkart, last month.

How to create exponential growth in your company using this simple strategy

Good business is what we want, but great business is what we dream of having.

12 Signs that you need to grow up and stop ruining your opportunities for success

If you want to know if you’re still acting like a child and that is the reason you cannot achieve the maximum levels of success then read this.

How to build loyal customer network for your startup?

Focusing on new ways to acquire customer or user acquisition even though it could cost more than customer retention.

5 Important questions to ask yourself before pursuing any business idea

Starting a new business is exciting, but it is also extremely crucial for you to do your research thoroughly before embarking on such a journey.

5 deadly marketing sins your startup / small business might be committing

If you’re wondering what these are, make sure you read on.

Killer small business ideas to hit it big in 2018

A birth of a business idea is a pivotal moment in the life of an aspiring entrepreneur.

Meet American lady Brook Eddy, built a million-dollar empire by selling ‘chai’

She went back to the USA and started Bhakti Chai which has now become a global brand.

Munmun Ganeriwal, Nutritionist and Fitness expert wins accolades for her contribution to the health and wellness sector

For almost fifteen years now, nutritionist and fitness expert, Munmun Ganeriwal, represents health and wellness sector.

Why India needs more women entrepreneurs

For quite a few years now, we have known that there is a major problem with India’s labour force: the women are missing.