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5 Reasons why you would make an excellent entrepreneur

To help see if you are cut out for the entrepreneurial road, here are five signs you should jump the corporate ship and go out on your own.

Patricia Narayan: A success story of a woman who earned 50 paise a day

‘FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ and soon became an inspiration to all women across the country.

Helpmebuild: revolutionising homes

Helpmebuild is a popular platform which helps the user to draw inspiration through written, visual and video content available on the website.

Newest partnership on the block: Ola partners SBI and PNB to set up Mobile ATMs

Ola has recently signed a partnership with the State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank to help people out with cash after the tedious demonetization move.

Why India’s digital commerce players need better growth model

None of the digital commerce companies in India are profitable. They typically earn between 5-15 percent commissions but massive discounts and need to expand to more geographies saw those companies losing money. This can be a serious problem when the capital market tightens up.

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In the cluster of digital marketing space how can an entrepreneur think differently

Here’s what an entrepreneur can do to rise above the digital din in an attention economy.

8 ways to expand your home-based business

With changing times, home-based businesses have grown leaps and bounds. Even if it is a business from home, one needs to work very hard to expand it and get customers.

7 easy ways to become a people’s person

It is very important for an entrepreneur to be a people’s person because on a daily basis, he needs to interact with a wide range of people like investors, shareholders, employees, potential business clients, potential customers etc.

Success story: Nina Lekhi and her struggles to make Baggit reach the pinnacle of success

She was featured in Fortune Magazine’s list of Most Powerful Women in 2015 and received the Woman Entrepreneur of the year award in the same year.

Shifting between paradigms: Henry Ford and others

To become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to learn that the limit doesn’t exist.

How the Whatsapp’s founder Jan Koum went from welfare to billionaires

Whatsapp’s founder, Jan Koum, truly showed the world how success is all a matter of dedication, hard work and above all, an idea.

Start-up laws in India every entrepreneur should be aware about

To enter a business, it is very important to know the laws governing that business because otherwise you could make mistakes which would cost you a whole company.

7 questions budding entrepreneurs need to ask themselves during failure for motivation

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a cakewalk as one has to deal with a million things daily.

All you ever wanted to know about a business plan

A business plan is necessary even for a small organisation.