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Lists of important government schemes for the startups in India

Run through the list to know more about Startup India schemes.

Parents vs Startups

This is what my parents has to say about my startup.

The journey of Pitti Brothers from being into travel business to Bollywood

EaseMyTrip was founded 9 years back by two young brothers Nishant Pitti and Rikant Pitti.

How to never give up on becoming an entrepreneur

Here is why – your worst days come right before success.

Business 101: How to go from Amateur to Professional

The first step in how to become a legit business is filing for a business Tax ID.

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Five things every investor looks for in a startup

Here are a few things investors seek in start-ups while taking the decision of investing.

4 venture capitalist trends in 2017 you need to know about

With the growing number of start-ups across the country, it is only fitting that the trends in the Venture Capitalist departments also change in accordance.

How To Get Finance Easily For Your Startup

How to raise your fund for your start-up is a million dollars question.

Failing early on the journey can be a great teacher for entrepreneurs

Failure is the stepping stone to success which is why all entrepreneurs need to fail at least once to learn the crucial aspects of the business.

How to network when you are an introvert entrepreneur?

You don’t need to worry too much about being an introvert entrepreneur as some very successful people in this field like Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page were introverts too.

Using emotional connect to reach out to more customers

It is believed that the emotions evoked in the customers by looking at your ad (or any marketing strategy you use) persuades them to purchase a product more.

Business 101: How to go from Amateur to Professional

The first step in how to become a legit business is filing for a business Tax ID.

Why online businesses are getting more and more popular

Seriously, if you’re not operating in the online economy, you’ve got to ask yourself why not!

How to start a business: 7 Steps to get started today

Follow this formula for launching and starting to grow your new business.

9 women entrepreneurs who continue to inspire us

The list of women entrepreneurs below consists of savvy individuals who have faced several challenges and they will inspire you to some excitement.

How women didn’t let start-ups become the monopoly of men

The way women have carved a niche for themselves is exemplary as well as worth praising.

Kapila Gupta: Redefining luxury in the Indian space with

She came up with the brilliant idea of, a wholesome website which would offer high end luxury brands which were popular but unavailable in India.